What do I need to know when it comes time to sell my collection?

Sooner or later, every stamp collector will have stamps to sell. It doesn’t matter if the stamps you have for sale are duplicates from an ongoing collection or an entire collection lovingly assembled over a lifetime. Take the time and care to learn how to sell your collection to achieve the best prices. Special information is given below in Section D if the collection was inherited or received as a gift. Refer to this section first in those cases.

Read these first if you have a stamp collection you wish to sell

A. How do I sell my stamp collection?

  1. Prepare your stamp collection for sale – organized collections sell for more money http://www.ehow.com/how_2045666_organize-stamp-collection.html
  2. How to sell stamps http://askphil.org/b15.htm
  3. Sell through auction – benefits of selling through an auction http://www.askphil.org … click “Plan Your Philatelic Estate”

B. How do I donate my stamp collection to a worthy cause?

  1. Museums – Smithsonian National Postal Museum http://www.postalmuseum.si.edu/collection/3f_donations.html
  2. American Philatelic Society - http://www.stamps.org
  3. Boys Town – http://www.boystown.org
  4. Boy Scouts of America - http://www.scouting.org/
  5. Girl Scouts of America - http://www.girlscouts.org/support/

For a brief list of charities/causes not listed here, see http://www.spotch.com/~robjen/philately/charities.shtml

C. Where do I find a reputable dealer?

  1. American Stamp Dealer Association – complete list of ASDA dealer members www.asdaonline.com
  2. American Philatelic Society – complete list of APS dealer members http://stamps.org/directories/dir_DealerMembers.htm
  3. National Stamp Dealer Association – complete list of NSDA dealer members http://www.nsdainc.org/
  4. Internet Stamp Dealer Association – complete list of ISDA dealer members http://www.ipdaonline.org/

D. I have inherited a stamp collection. What do I do?

Basic information about inherited collections the following:
If you have inherited a stamp collection you might need to get an appraisal for probate purposes. Speak with a tax attorney or your accountant. Advice is available from the websites listed below. Giving the collection to a child will help them learn in a fun way. Collections can also be donated to charitable organizations. See Section B above on how and where to donate stamp collections.

  1. Keep and continue the collection – discover the fun of stamp collecting! http://www.inheritedstampcollection.com/
  2. Advice from the American Philatelic Society – advice from America’s Stamp Club http://stamps.org/Services/ser_estateadvice.htm
  3. Preserve and conserve your collection – Preservation Primer for Collectors http://www.postalmuseum.si.edu/stamp/5d_preserving1.html