How do I find stamps for my collection?

Anyone who receives mail can help you save stamps for your collection. Your local post office has stamps, both ordinary regular issue stamps and colorful commemorative stamps. You can visit a stamp show in your area that will have dealers in stamps from whom you may make purchases. You can join a local club for stamp collectors. You can even buy stamps online from Internet auctions, stamp dealers, and stamp collecting societies.

A. How can friends and family help you collect stamps?

  1. Family mail – free, and a great way to start collecting!
  2. Family business contacts – another way to get free stamps!
  3. Old family correspondence – check your attic for treasures from the past!
  4. Have friends save stamps from their mail for you – more free stamps!

B. Can I buy stamps for my collection from Post Offices?

  1. United States Postal Service –
  2. Canada Post –
  3. Other worldwide postal agencies Worldwide Philatelic Agencies

C. How can I buy stamps from the stamp marketplace?

  1. Internet
  2. Buy stamps from professional stamp dealers
  3. Stamp Auctions
  4. Stamp stores – locate stores by location
  5. Stamp shows – locate a show near you or travel to shows in the US and worldwide

D. Can I buy, trade or auction stamps at a stamp club?

  1. Local stamp clubs – list of local stamp clubs by state
  2. National stamp clubs – list of national stamp clubs